Brian Lawe, CEO of MyStoreCredit, Inc. is interviewed at Devcon 2010 (June 15, 2010)

Brian Lawe, President of MyStoreCredit, is interviewed at eBay Devcon 2010 by eBay Ink Blogger RBH. they discuss the new direction of MyStoreCredit, who provides vital promotional products like MyStoreMaps, MyStoreRewards and ZippyQuiz to eBay sellers. They also discuss the role that eBay Apps has had on growing the market place for developers.

OnPagePromotion – MyStoreMaps

MyStoreMaps is an eBay sellers application to promote a sellers experience with shipping internationally.

OnPagePromotions – MyStoreRewards

MyStoreRewards is a proven and popular automatic e-commerce buyer rewards program that thousands of sellers are using to get increased sales and more repeat sales. MyStoreRewards can be used with any of your eBay auctions and listings or your own on-line stores that accept PayPal for payments.

OnPagePromotions – Zippy Quiz

ZippyQuiz guarantees sales in minutes or you pay nothing. Use ZippyQuiz to engage your buyers and keep them buying from you, not your competitor!

MyStoreCredit Presentation

MyStoreCredit Presentation

CashBack Maps Presentation

It invites new buyers in new geographies to buy from you by offering a small CashBack bonus to those buyers. It also relays critical information about your existing local and global buyers to build trust and confidence for you.