About Us

We make online promotions easy to do and inexpensive to run.

Our promotion tools help drive sales once a buyer is shopping. We offer a portfolio of promotion tools a seller can quickly and easily add to their web-selling pages.

Our promotions are:

- low-cost (usually pennies per sale)
- high-value (increase sales dramatically),
- simple to run (can be set-up in about 5 minutes)
- flexible/changeable (sellers control all settings)
- Turn on-off in minutes (no long-term commitments).

We are experts in this space. We have been helping sellers drive more sales, more often since September, 2003 and we have worked with online sellers from over 23 countries around the globe. Our largest seller does tens of millions in sales, and our smallest seller does less than $10,000. Over our history, we’ve built a solid reputation with our customers and with industry thought leaders and we are known for creating innovative promotions that help drive sales.

What are On-line Marketing Promotions? Retail marketing is made up of advertising and promotions. People generally understand advertising. Google is the primary platform for on-line advertising. But off-line 60% of a seller’s marketing dollars are promotional rather than advertising focused. On-line only 22% of dollars are promotional. The discrepancy in spending is mostly due to the ease of advertising online versus the complexity of running on-line promotions. We make online promotions easy to do and cheap to run.

Our company is one of the world’s foremost providers of online promotions for sellers. Don’t take our word for it: Try our tools and see for yourself.