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ZippyQuiz App for eBay Offers Seller-Driven Cashback Program

Posted on by Brian Lawe

Cashback programs are popular with consumers and retailers alike since they save consumers money when shopping. A new service from MyStoreCredit helps eBay sellers provide a cashback service they can implement in their listings that is also a customer engagement tool designed to bring the fun back to buying on eBay.

The ZippyQuiz app can be found in the eBay Apps Center. The application works by letting buyers take a quiz right in the product Item page on eBay. Sellers determine the amount of the cashback reward for correct answers and incorrect answers, and shoppers only receive the cashback reward if they purchase the item within a set period of time (also determined by the seller). For example, a buyer might receive cashback of 2% for correct answers if they buy an item within 15 minutes, and 1% for incorrect answers.

Brian Lawe, CEO of MyStoreCredit, said, the clock encourages buyers to both take the quiz and make a purchase before the time expires. “The clock creates that sense of urgency so the buyer doesn’t just keep shopping and shopping. Now that most eBay items are Fixed Price, there seems to be no urgency to buy now, and ZippyQuiz is trying to address that dynamic.”

MyStoreCredit also offers an affiliate program in which anyone can design a quiz, and the company will facilitate the sale of the affiliate quizzes to sellers. If a seller chooses to use an affiliate quiz, the creator of the quiz will earn approximately 10 cents for each buyer rewarded for taking the quiz (paid via PayPal).

To see ZippyQuiz in action, you can search for “zippyquiz” using eBay’s “include title and description” search option.